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Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia
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Bethlehem's History

Some Significant Dates

From its formation in October 1860 until 1872, the Bethlehem congregation, consisting of about twenty families, worshipped in a church in Waymouth St, just west of Light Square.

The membership had increased,so land fronting Flinders St was purchased through the South Australian Company for the sum of 200 pounds.

The foundation stone was laid for Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and on 23rd June.

The new church building was opened and dedicated.

Dedication of organ.

First major alterations to church interior. Pulpit removed from above and behind altar; altar placed hard against northern wall; pulpit with voice hood shifted to right hand corner of nave; organ enlarged for first time and transferred from gallery to front left of church.

Circa 1910
Services in English slowly introduced. Monthly German services continued until 1939.

Grand opening of Excelsior Hall with a youth concert.

New toilet/amenities block completed. Gallery floor reconstructed to accommodate enlarged and rebuilt organ; ladies cloak room converted to a cry room; men’s cloak room converted to a meeting room/library.

New chancel and Sunday school rooms dedicated.

Ground floor of Excelsior Hall converted into a large supper-room officially opened.

Church office established at 172 Flinders St.

Congregation purchased land on eastern side of new carpark roadway (Sudholz Place) from the Adelaide City Council for new church office complex.

Bethlehem House complex dedicated.

Commemoration of the 130th anniversary of the opening and dedication of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Dedication of refurbished organ.

Launch of Bethlehem web site

Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Bethlehem congregation.
HIstory Week on YouTube

For the full history of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the book 125 Years plus 5 Bethlehem Lutheran Church Adelaide is available for purchase ($10) on Sundays during morning tea in Bethlehem House and from the church office during the week.