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Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia
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Staff at Bethlehem

We are blessed to have wonderful staff who serve God and us through their work at Bethlehem:

  • Pastor Fraser Pearce (Senior Pastor)
  • Pastor Joshua Pfeiffer (Associate Pastor)
  • Lisa Thiele (Youth & Young Adults Coordinator – usually in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays)

I am thankful for the outward focus of the members of the young adults and youth groups. It is encouraging to see people bringing their friends to meetings where they receive a warm welcome.
The groups exist to share the gospel, to encourage people in their faith and build unity.  I would like to believe it could be possible for everyone to take an interest in those around them so no-one leaves church on a Sunday with the feeling that no-one knows them. I look forward to seeing God working in our groups to unite us and strengthen us in our faith.
For details of the different groups and meeting times -  Youth and Young Adults

  • Amy Pfeiffer (Office Administrator – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Elizabeth Buck (Office Administrator– Thursday and Friday)