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Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia
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How to share your information with Bethlehem members and friends.


Each Sunday, the weekly bulletin is handed out at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, containing information for that day's worship, the week's activities and other important items.

Items for the bulletin need to be submitted to the church office. Please note that the deadline for items for the coming Sunday is at 10am on the preceding Thursday morning. No guarantees for late submissions!

The weekly bulletin is also available to members of Bethlehem in digital format. This is emailed each Friday.

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News for the Pews 

Bethlehem's parish magazine is produced bi-monthly, full of articles and information. This is also emailed to members.

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Bethlehem web site 

Please let the webmasters know if you have updates, corrections, additions or news items for the Bethlehem web site.

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