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Review: Spotting the Sacred; Noticing God in the Most Unlikely Places


Author: Bruce Main

Publisher: Baker, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Jesus spent most of his time on earth in everyday settings, observing the behaviour of ordinary people. When he told his disciples to take note of sacrificing widows, repentant tax collectors and caring friends, he was modelling the way we can all live.

God wants us to keep our eyes wide open so we notice what he is doing through our neighbours, friends and the circumstances of life.

We need to retrain ourselves to see and hear the way he works in ordinary reality, through the people and routines that are part and parcel of our daily lives. God is present in all situations, and we need to learn the discipline of realising how he is prodding us to see his grace and love.

Bruce Main underscores the importance of studying the Bible, as it is ‘the lens through which our experiences of God are validated.’ But he goes on to say that we should not limit our spiritual diet in such a way that we fail to see that God is actively at work in wonderful ways in our broken world.

Each chapter provides many unforgettable stories and anecdotes from ordinary life, so we can ‘spot’ and reflect on love, gratitude, compassion, courage, contrition, faith and sacrifice.

This is an inspirational book, difficult to put down, and it helps answer some important questions.

  • How can I avoid being overwhelmed and sapped by the ordinariness and bad news of life and the multitude of daily distractions?
  • How do I live in a fast-paced world and yet develop a spiritual life that helps me see the ongoing presence of God?

Added on 28/02/2009 by Jenni van Wageningen