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Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia
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Find out where Bethlehem Lutheran Church is and how to get there.

 Where we are

Map showing location of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in the Adelaide city centre

The location of Bethlehem Lutheran Church within the Adelaide city centre.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is located within the city centre of Adelaide, at 170 Flinders Street on the north west corner of Flinders Street and Sudholz Place.

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 Parking and wheelchair access

Parking places along Flinders Street and Sudholz place can be very limited. Note that ticketed parking on the street mainly operates during week day business hours and doesn't apply on Sundays. The nearby parking station in Sudholz Place (U-Park) is open from 8am to 1pm and charges a reduced fee on Sunday mornings: $1.30 first hour, $2.40 for two hours (max $3.70).

Wheelchair access to the church is available through the side entrance along Sudholz Place. To access the entrance to Bethlehem House there is a wheelchair ramp along the western side of the building.

There is no designated parking for people with a disability but spaces are often left available directly in front of the main church entrance on Flinders Street.

A diagram of Bethlehem Lutheran Church's buildings, displaying wheelchair access

Bethlehem Lutheran Church's buildings showing wheelchair access

 Public transport

The closest public transport access to Bethlehem Lutheran Church are via the bus routes that travel along Pulteney Street. One of these bus routes is the FREE City Loop 99C service that travels from North Terrace around to Victoria Square.

Adelaide Metro buses also travel along Wakefield Street, Grenfell Street and Hutt Street, though there are no bus routes that travel directly along Flinders Street.

To plan your trip, please visit the Adelaide metro web site at