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Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia
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Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ when God was born into the world in human form. The season of Christmas officially begins on December 25, Christmas Day, and continues through to January 5. However, celebrations usually begin on Christmas Eve or even before.

Christmas worship at Bethlehem

Christmas tree and manger sceneChristmas Lessons & Carols

This special musical service is generally held at 8 pm on the Sunday before Christmas Day, and is an occasion which draws many visitors. Generally there is a special focus on songs from a particular country.

Christmas Eve 

On the evening of December 24th there are three services.

  • Christmas in German at 5pm.
  • At 7pm there is a special presentation by the Sunday school children.
  • A Carol Service takes place at 9pm.

Christmas Day 

On Christmas Day, December 25th, the one worship service is held at 9.30am.

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